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Jan Kopecký, sociolog
February 11, 2011 v 9.2
a co předpovídali velcí loutkáři?
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Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI - 30. ledna 2011:
* So, from the West, what is to be done?
"To the extent it is possible, it is best to channel these aspirations. That does mean coping with certain problems that we know are contributing to the intensification of radicalism and extremism. One of those factors is indeed the nature of the regimes in the region. Simply sweeping these problems under the rug is not a solution. So I think Obama started out right in outlining in his Cairo speech a notion of how to deal with, specifically, the Islamic problem. But since then, he has simply lapsed into passivity."

George SOROS - 3. února 2011:
"Why Obama has to get Egypt right"